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Amy & JJ

JJ and Amy Stone live in beautiful Golden, Colorado nestled at the foothills of the Rockies.  It is there they started GURU Pet Company in 2022.  After a decade of inventing and developing products for some of the top dog toy brands they decided to set out on their own. Both JJ and Amy have a passion for animals with 6 dogs and 1 cat.  They were determined to design, develop and manufacture products their way, all for the animals.

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GURU is driven to set the bar in dog toys by developing products that challenge dogs minds, engage their natural instincts and inspire their spirit. Our mission is to keep dogs out of kennels and in homes where each dogs unique behaviors and natural instincts can be addressed by toys that satisfy who they are and how they were created. Each toy GURU develops is designed to be a solution to behavioral issues and natural instincts that dogs can often express. Chewing, foraging, squeaking, puzzle solving GURU has all the toys to help your dog stay busy, happy, engaged, and content.

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Amy and JJ are not only experts in the pet industry, they are proud fur parents of 6 dogs and 1 cat!

Address Your Dog’s Natural Instincts!

GURU products are designed to address your dogs natural instincts.

Simple Innovation for Challenging Play!

Safety is our #1 priority


All products are rigorously tested by our Chew Crew.

Passion: Plush Toys

Favorite Toy: Fry Guys

Breed: Black Labradoodle

Age: 10

Passion: Enrichment/Puzzle Toys

Favorite Toy: GURU Duo Ball

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Age: 2

Passion: Fetch and Retrieval and Plush Toys

Favorite Toy: Squeaking Rope

Breed: Labradoodle

Age: 9

Passion: Enrichment/Puzzle Toys

Favorite Toy: Pocket Ball

Breed: Italian Greyhound

Age: 1

Passion: Chewing and Enrichment/Puzzle Toys

Favorite Toy: Busy Ball

Breed: Terrier Mix

Age: 6

Passion: Chewing and Plush Toys

Favorite Toy: GURU Bone

Breed: Chihuahua Mix

Age: 5

GURU's Own Materials... Developed for Dogs!

GURU Products are made of our custom blended materials that have been tested for over 10 years. Chew Perfect is our wood blended nylon and ChewPro is our custom thermo plastic rubber.

Chew Perfect!

Chew PerfectTM is GURU’s own non-toxic custom formulated wood & nylon chew material specifically designed for dogs’ safety and total satisfaction. Chew Perfect is made for the most extreme chewers to the gentlest, such as small dogs, seniors and puppies.

Chew Perfect is safe for dogs’ mouths and gums, and softens to the touch to provide a safe, strong and satisfying chewing experience. Safe for dogs and will provide owners peace of mind.


ChewProTM is GURU’S own ultra-durable, custom formulated, non-toxic TPR made specifically for dogs and their tough and destructive chew sessions. ChewPro has been designed and tested over 7 years to have the very best tear, puncture and tensile strength available, with all the flexibility that dogs require for safe and long lasting play.