Safety is our #1 priority


GURU's Own... Developed for Dogs!

Chew Perfect!

Chew PerfectTM is GURU’s own non-toxic custom formulated wood & nylon chew material specifically designed for dogs’ safety and total satisfaction. Chew Perfect is made for the most extreme chewers to the gentlest, such as small dogs, seniors and puppies.

Chew Perfect is safe for dogs’ mouths and gums, and softens to the touch to provide a safe, strong and satisfying chewing experience. Safe for dogs and will provide owners peace of mind.


ChewProTM is GURU’S own ultra-durable, custom formulated, non-toxic TPR made specifically for dogs and their tough and destructive chew sessions. ChewPro has been designed and tested over 7 years to have the very best tear, puncture and tensile strength available, with all the flexibility that dogs require for safe and long lasting play.